What you need to know about swimming with your baby


Baby swimming improves the muscle tonus, endurance and the strength. Better coordination balance and blood flow is achieved. It creates confident, self-secured kids that have better and more relaxed sleep.


Learning to swim is a process, not a product. We teach them to love the water whenever the child is opened, relaxed and ready with its own unique pace. It’s game where everybody wins both parents and babies.


It’s good to start from birth in the bath tub of your home. Babies can start entering the pool from 3-4months. It’s good to have the parent and the baby swimming together until 3-4 years old.


  • For the first coming to the pool you need a multi-use or single-use diaper for swimming, a bathing suit, flip-flops and a bag full of smiles and good mood
  • Every lesson continues about 30-45 minutes and the parent-child pair is always considered independently
  • The first swimming lesson is maximum 30 minutes.
  • It’s of great importance to go out of the water whenever the child is tired or hungry, when they become frustrated, crying, or rubbing their eyes
  • In case that you are late, you can always join the next group that starts in 30minutes maximum – especially for the pools in Spark and hotel Olives. It’s better to wait without making yourself and the baby wet, so that we should pay the needed attention for you and your baby, and not to disturb the other pair’s lesson.
  • It’s always necessary to make a shower before entering the pool. The children need to feel comfortable before going in and we should always wash out the oils and creams that we use to prevent skin reaction.